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A great wine is much more than what's in the glass.  It's a part of making memories with those around you.  Sharing food, special moments and experiences about life or travel.  Exploring new ideas or rekindling old friendships.  

Wine is a lifelong passion for those who pursue it.  Tasting and learning about wine shouldn't be pretentious or elitist.  It should be fun and engaging.  But most of all, wine tells a story.  A story about the grape, the winery, the wine maker.  A history thousands of years old, or only a few years young.  Come explore with us and forge your own journey at LeVinSomm.com



  • Here at LeVinSomm.com, our certified wine sommeliers:
  • Provide wine consulting services for special events of any size.  In person or via the internet.
  • Help you design your restaurant wine list with a special focus on food pairings, specific country listings, and ensuring your establishment provides the best value wines at any price point.
  • Arrange unique private tasting experiences in a fun and educational atmosphere.



In French, "Le Vin" means, the wine.  It is also the last name of LeVinSomm.com owner, Lee Levin.  His pursuit of wine began accidentally while aboard the private plane of International Superstar Julio Iglesias.  Early in Lee's career as a professional musician, he was playing drums and touring with Julio in 1994 when he was handed a glass of Domaine De La Romanée-Conti "La Tache" .  Julio opened the $2000 bottle and declared,  "Kids, this is not Coca Cola.  Do Not Spill It!  Take your time to drink it and don't go pee pee before you make love to your wife."  Yes, he really said that!

(For more information about Lee's music career, go to LeeLevin.com)

That one glass changed Lee's perspective about red wine and gave him a life long thirst for wine knowledge.  At the suggestion of his wife, he enrolled in sommelier certificate classes through The United States Sommelier Association/Le Cordon Bleu cooking school culminating with a level 3 advanced program which was successfully completed at Wente Vineyards in Livermore, CA.

Currently, Lee is still a full time musician, but also oversees the wine department at a Costco in South Florida.  (By the way, Costco is the largest wine retailer in the US).


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